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Ready to make this year YOUR best year yet?

You know the feeling when you have a desire to do or start something but have no idea how. Or maybe you started and had the best of intentions but life got in the way and you've fallen off track. I've been there too, so many times and it's not easy.  I'm here to be your guide, your partner, and your cheerleader all in one.

That's why I'm pumped to shout about this FREE virtual three day Bootcamp called "The Best Year Ever." Together for just an hour each day, I will get you back on track so your goals become victory laps, dreams morph into achievements, and challenges high-five you on the way to triumphs.


Join us now and be READY to ditch the "meh" and embrace the "woohoo!", let's do this together!


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Why You Can't Miss This Opportunity

This bootcamp is not just an event; it's an immersive virtual experience that brings the power of positive change right to the comfort of your home. 

You will get to connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for making this year the best one ever. 

Absolutely FREE: Yes, you read that right! The Best Year Ever Bootcamp is my gift to you. No hidden fees, no obligations – just your commitment to making this DAY ONE of your Best Year Ever! 

Start Creating the Life You Want!

The Best Year Ever Bootcamp is for you if:

  • You're ready to stop doing the same things and expecting different results.

  • You're tired of saying one day and you're ready to make this DAY ONE!

  • You crave a positive shift in your life but need a roadmap to guide you on this exciting journey.

  • You want to connect with a community that cheers you on, shares experiences, and uplifts each other.

  • You're open to embracing new perspectives, strategies, and activities that will supercharge your journey.

  • You're ready to take the action needed to make your dreams a reality.

  • You want to have fun!

Hi I'm            


Forget the perfect gurus and shiny advice that leaves you more confused than ever. I'm Amy, and I'm not here to preach or judge.

I'm here because I get it.


Stuck in a rut, feeling miles off track? Been there.

Totally lost in the fog of "what next"? Been there.

But let me tell you something: I clawed my way out of that mess, and I'm passionate about helping others do the same.


So, if you're ready to trade confusion for clarity and finally build the life you deserve, join this Best Year Ever Bootcamp!


Just think of me as your confusion-busting cheerleader, here to guide you on your journey to growth and a life that truly lights you up.


We can’t know where we are going until we know where we are at right now and embrace all that got us here. It's important to appreciate every experience that has sculpted us for what's to come. Today lays the foundation that we will build upon over the next

two days. 

Where you want to be and why you want it now:

Here comes the fun stuff.  Dreaming and setting intentions on where you want to be at the end of the year. Then determining why you want it. By declaring what you want in detail and understanding why it matters, you will ignite a spark that will fuel your journey forward.

Creating the roadmap to get you there:

It's time to turn your visions into tangible steps forward. Take the insights gained from the past two days and transform them into actionable plans that will propel you towards your goals. Today we will create a roadmap that guides you towards your goals and dreams, navigating obstacles with confidence and resilience.

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Where are you now in achieving your goals:

  • 3-day Virtual Bootcamp streamed live in a private Facebook group

  • Exclusive Bootcamp Guide Sheets

  • Connect with participants in the private Facebook group

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I wear?
     You can put away your ballgown and wear something comfortable 😊
  • I am coming from out of town. What airport should I fly into?
    Dulles International Airport is the closest Airport.
  • Where should I stay? 
    There are two hotels closest to the event. They will be emailed to you after you register.
  • What meals are included?
    Lunch and snack are included on the first day and snack only on the second day.
  • What if I have dietary restrictions? 
    We will have options for the following dietary restrictions: gluten free, dairy free, and vegetarian. If you require something more, please contact us at

Register Today!

  • 3-day Virtual Bootcamp streamed live in a private Facebook group at 2PM EST

  • Exclusive Bootcamp Guide Sheets

  • Connect with participants in the private Facebook group

  • 3-day Virtual Bootcamp streamed 
    live in a private Zoom link at 2PM EST

  • Exclusive Bootcamp Guide Sheets

  • Connect with participants in the private Facebook group

  • Direct interaction with Amy for Q&A sessions

  • Replays of the video sessions

  • Upgrade for only $47

No fluff. No gimmicks. Only tools you need.
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